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Opal Moonbaby
by Maudie Smith

Opal Moonbaby by Maudie Smith


What is it all about?

Martha's decided friends are stupid. Especially if they're anything like Colette and Chloe. She never wants another friend. Ever.

But it's the first day of the summer holidays, and there's not that much to do... until she spots a strange little furry creature who leads her to Opal Moonbaby. Opal's been sent down from her planet on a mission: to work out what on earth people are (and my goodness - people are strange) and to make a friend.

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Publisher information

First Published January 2012
This edition published by Orion Children's Books
Orion House
5 Upper Saint Martin's Lane
Text © Maudie Smith 2012

Reproduced by permission of:
Orion Children's Books.

ISBN - 978-1444004786

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