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The Brilliant World of Tom Gates
by Liz Pichon

The Brilliant World of Tom Gates by Liz Pichon


What is it all about?

“When my teacher, Mr Fullerman, doesn’t have his BEADY EYES on me, I like to draw pictures and write stories about stuff – like when we had the worst holiday ever (camping sucks), and when my parents came to school for parents’ evening (groan), and about how Marcus Meldrew is the most annoying boy in the world and how I don’t want to sit next to him in class. All I want to do is get tickets to see the best band ever, DUDE3, when they come to town. It’s not easy when I’m up against Delia, my weirdo big sister, and all my plans seem to get me into MAJOR TROUBLE.”
Tom Gates is a master of excuses, expert doodler, comic story writer extraordinaire – and the bane of his grumpy teacher Mr Fullerman’s life. And in his wacky journal of scribbles and silliness, you’ll find all sorts of comic craziness to make you groan with glee! Will Tom ever manage to get his homework in on time, avoid the rage of his teacher – AND impress Amy Porter, who sits next to him? Warning! Do not attempt to read this in public. You will snigger loudly!

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Publisher information

First Published April 2011
This edition published by Scholastic Children's Books
Euston House
24 Eversholt Street
Text © Liz Pichon 2011

Reproduced by permission of:
Scholastic Children's Books.

ISBN - 978-1407120690

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