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Bad Cat, Good Cat
by Lynne Reid Banks

Bad Cat, Good Cat by Lynne Reid Banks


What is it all about?

The stellar partnership who brought you Harry the Poisonous Centipede are back together. This is the funny story of a very naughty cat, from bestselling author Lynne Reid Banks and award winning illustrator Tony Ross

Cats aren't there for people, people are there for cats. At least that's how Turk believes things should be. He takes every liberty with his family, while Peony is a model of good-catliness – until she falls under Turk's spell. Should cats be good or bad? They find out when they are left to fend for themselves after their humans are tricked into going on holiday without them.

A wonderful animal adventure

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Publisher information

First published July 2011
This edition published by HarperCollins Children's Books
77-85 Fulham Palace Road,
W6 8JB
Text © Lynne Reid Banks 2011
Illustrations © Tony Ross 2011.
Reproduced by permission of:
HarperCollins Children's Books.

ISBN - 978-0007419043

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