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The Money, Stan, Big Lauren and Me
by Joanna Nadin

The Money, Stan, Big Lauren and Me by Joanna Nadin


What is it all about?

Billy Grimshaw Jones is almost looking forward to having a new baby in the family - especially as
that means they're moving to a bigger house. But then his mum loses her job. Disaster! Money will be
tight and they'll have to cut back. So Billy does what Billy always does: he makes a plan. With the aid of little brother Stan and best friend Big Lauren, an expert in fame and fortune, all gleaned from Heat and Grazia, the threesome embark on an epic journey through Broadley attempting to find his fortune.
But nothing seems to be going to plan, until Billy stumbles across a jiffy bag of £20 notes ...

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Publisher information

First Published February 2012
This edition published by Piccadilly Press Ltd
5 Castle Road
Text © Joanna Nadin 2012

Reproduced by permission of:
Piccadilly Press Ltd.

ISBN - 978-1848122277

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