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by C. J. Busby

Frogspell by C. J. Busby


What is it all about?

The first in a four-book series for younger readers set in the time of King Arthur. The adventures revisit Camelot, Merlin and Arthur but with a fresh touch, great characterisation and dialogue, and humour. The stories are well plotted, funny and perfectly pitched for the younger reader. Would-be wizard Max, his sister (who wants to be a knight), two humorous pet animal characters - Ferocious, a world-weary rat and Adolphus, an over-enthusiastic young dragon, encounter magic, double-dealing, Morgan le Fay's schemes to win the throne from Arthur, magical quests and more. Other titles coming in 2012: Cauldron Spells, Ice Spell and Sword Spell.

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Publisher information

First published September 2011
This edition published by Templar Publishing
The Granary,
North Street,

Text © C.J. Busby 2011
Illustrations © David Wyatt 2011.
Reproduced by permission of:
Templar Publishing.

ISBN - 978-1848771390

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