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A Hen in the Wardrobe
by Wendy Meddour

A Hen in the Wardrobe by Wendy Meddour


What is it all about?

Ramzi's dad is acting very strangely. He climbs trees in the middle of the night, and even goes into Ramzi's wardrobe looking for a hen. The trouble is, he's sleepwalking because he's homesick for his native Algeria. So Ramzi, Dad and Mum go back to Dad's Berber village in the desert region of North Africa, and Ramzi meets his Berber grandmother and cousins, and even braves the scary Sheherazad. But can Ramzi help his dad and what will happen when they get back home again.

This is a funny, heart-warming family story by an exciting new author, set in Britain and Algeria, with fascinating glimpses of traditional Berber culture and lots of colourful characters.

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Publisher information

First published February 2012
This edition published by Frances Lincoln
4 Torriano Mews
Torriano Avenue
Text © Wendy Meddour 2012

Reproduced by permission of:
Frances Lincoln.

ISBN - 978-1847802255

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